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Planking is the shiz yo~!


This has been a worldwide fad amongst youngsters and adults alike. I'm not a fan of planking though, I see it bothersome and highly odd (then again, im extremely odd myself...) But there's something out of planking that is quite remarkable, even for a non-fan like me.

*The 'BOWL TO FACE plank*

*The 'Mc PLANK' (OMFG)*

For some time now, planking has been one of the fads that caught millions of people's eyes. Whether they planked on tires, bathroom stalls, high-rise buildings, and police cars just to get that... weird.... exciting (?) sensation of pretending to be a wooden plank. Yes. Very exciting, eh? "Hey look guys! Imma plank this spot over here---- wtf AHHHHHH!!!" Veeeeery exciting indeed.

But that accident over there never stopped people from planking. It's kinda like back on our time, when extreme sports like skateboarding and parkour grasped our minds and bodies, and we did it like there's no tomorrow (damn, did I just say "back in our time?" I feel old now...). It's a part of people that surpasses their limitations. Hah, so that's why I made this article. Gah. Anyway, I see planking as a way to express, to let the world know how you could pretend to be a plank in various places, competing with others to find the most unusual places to project yourself as a piece of wood. It might not be appealing to some, but believe me, it's quite awesome to see how people would go break barriers just to plank.

Whether people just do it for fun, to compete, or just to show that billiards table "HAH! I planked you.. you velvety table thing you...!", people did it with pride, and with passion. Several facebook groups here locally-- like Planking PINAS-- were made for local plankers to talk to and gather and show their stuff online. It's not everyday that people find the courage to strut their pride with many people. Truly awesome DNA stuff here. They just surpassed their human limitations.

So to all people who would love to try it, I would not recommend this. Because it's up to you to surpass your own limits and take that step to plank that McDonald's table. Are you up to it?

Cheers to plankers!

- As the Ghost speaks



In the course of going through life, there will always be a series of events wherein you'd have a gut feel that you've seen it before. Not deja vu, not exactly. More of that it actually happened, and here you are repeating the same thing over and over and over again.

Just think of all the girls/guys you've liked or been with. Notice the similarities? Notice the pattern?

They say that if something or anything repeats, it is bound to repeat and will keep on repeating until you get it right.

Isn't it nice that we get several shots at true happiness?

~ Repetition